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Welcome to Healthy Habitz 4 Life

Welcome to Healthy Habitz 4 Life Online! Explore the site for products and services to help build healthy habits for you and your family.

Visit us at the bottom of the hill in the heart of downtown Frankenmuth, next to the giant Cheese Haus mouse statue. Our rustic, Bavarian-style building is oftentimes green with ivy, but inside you'll find most everything has a natural "green" element. Delight your senses when you walk in the door as you sample a healthy snack or two, washed down with a drink of Alkaline water, catch the aroma of Frankenmuth-made Kapow Soap, admire the beautiful pink Himalayan salt lamps glowing in the window, and touch the soft Herbal Heating pads.

Looking at our extensive wall of organic and natural bulk herbs, spices, and teas may seem overwhelming, so feel free to open the jars to get a sense of their flavor - you can buy a little or a lot. You’ll find the right herb or supplement with the help of our staff and reference book selection. Grab a snack or do some grocery shopping and actually find food for the allergy/sensitive friend of yours. Clean living items are our specialty- no artificial ingredients, no hormones, or HFCS guaranteed!

Check back often to discover our store specials, local and store events, plus coupons.




New Water Filtration and Ionization System is now installed and serving both alkaline and purified water at two filling locations. Customers can now fill their own water bottles with the turn of a faucet. Plus, filtration goes nearly four times faster than it used to using the older ionizing machine. Ask us how you can get a custom purification and ionization system for your home.

Offering Women A Choice in Early Breast Screening
Adelpha Thermography, a mobile partner of Therma-Scan, will be coming from their home base in Birmingham, MI to our Wellness Center on a monthly basis. Check calendar for next date.

Early screening with Thermology can detect breast tissue changes at a minute physical stage of development, as much as 5-8 years earlier than conventional testing. This is when early functional changes, inflammation or even cancer is still relatively easy to halt and reverse. NO radiation NO compression NO pain NO contact It's easy and safe, detecting natural heat emission with non-invasive digital scans. Screening takes about half an hour and is $165. Learn more at adelphatherm.com and call Linda Allchin to schedule 248-797-1191.

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